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1 February 1980
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Hi, my name is Mike and I think blogs are silly.

Let me amend that. I think blogging about your own private life is silly. Half of the stuff I read on blogs is stuff I wouldn't want to talk about over dinner and another almost half is stuff which would bore me to death if someone started talking about it at a party.

But then my friend Kaela set this LJ account up for me. She wanted me to get one for the longest time and finally broke down, doing it herself. Which is cool because I miss the regular writing I did when I ran the underground student paper in college. Now I have a place to post some of the cultural critiques I do and have them all in one central place instead of sending them out to all of my friends via e-mail.

In this space, I envision a blend of The Sports Guy's website, Chuck Klosterman's monthly column in SPIN, John Bonnes's TwinsGeek blog and a little bit of sitting around reasoning (as the Brits call BS-ing) on a summer afternoon mixed in. Feel free to post your ideas in the comments section or drop me an e-mail.

I have a few regular feature columns which you should look forward to seeing.

Basketball Fever
Originally "Fantasy Basketball Fever" and an outlet to track my fantasy basketball league, John Stockton's Shorts, the NBA is just too interesting today to not comment on from time to time. So I knocked the Fantasy off the beginning and reintroduced a broader focus.

CDs (DVDs) (Books) from the Pile

A review of an album (or movie or book) I’ve previously enjoyed, gone away from and now is tickling my fancy again. The title comes from having only three shelves to keep all of my cds on and needing to stack them on top of one another.

Comics in Review

Every month I read many different comic book titles as well as a few limited mini-series. So it’s rare for me to go to the comic store and not pick up at least one book a week. This feature will comment on some of the comic books I read.

Didja Hear…? Didja See…? Didja Read…?

Something new to me which I feel I need to comment on. This will cover the whole range of cultural events from concerts to movies to magazine articles. This won’t be a typical review section in the mindset of documenting and/or analyzing things I’ve experienced. It will be more of a “You should seek this out.” A real “Didja see…”

Good To Bad And Back To Good Again

A column which focuses on different facets of the same thing instead of comparing two things. Also has a cousin column "Bad to Good and Back to Bad Again."

This or This?

A direct, head-to-head comparison of two (or more) things which are somehow linked in my mind. Results will vary with each feature and sometimes winning will really be losing.

Pennant Race
This feature will follow Major League Baseball, the Twins season and, once they are bounced from contention, whatever team I follow after that. In the case the Twins are not bounced from contention and win the World Series, I will gladly eat the second half of that last sentence.

Thanks for coming and I hope you come back soon.